Clerk and Secretary

Responsibilities of the Clerk/Secretary

l. The clerk makes a record of all business transactions of the association.

2. Preserves the records.

3. Distributor of minutes

4. To assist church clerks. .

5. Cooperator with committees and moderator.

6. Elected by the Association. (Also see By-law #12)

7. Clerk shall be a member of the Executive Committee and Program Committee.

8. Paid by the Association. (Clerk and Secretary must be same persons — See 1963 Annual Meeting, page 7, Item #46)

9. Services limited to the Associational officers and committees, not to individual churches.

10. Prepares and mails correspondence relative to associational work.

ll. Responsible for storing and maintaining associational files and equipment.

12. Compiles and prepares material for the Annual Meeting.

The assistant clerk acts in the place of the clerk’s absence at the Executive Board meetings, Annual meeting and any special called meetings.

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